void Main()
    var you = DevOpsEngineerFinder.GetDevOpsEngineers().First(x => x.ExperienceInYears >= 2);
  	you.HaveGender ("Diverse", "Female", "Male");

    var hardSkills = you.Know(
            "C#", "Azure DevOps",
            "REST", "Json", "YAML", "Git")
        && you.KnowMaybe(
            "Python",  "ASP.NET Core",
            "Docker", "MongoDB", "PowerShell",
            "Bash", "SQL", "NoSQL");

       you.DoCoolStuff("Infrastructure as Code", "Cloud", "Continuous Integration", "Continuous Deployment"); // Terraform, Azure, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps Pipelines, GitHub Actions

    var languages = you.Speak("German", "English");

    var softSkills = you.AreTeamplayer() &&  // Share experience in teams, love cross-team cooperation, are a connector of development and infrastructure
                     you.AreCommunicator() && // Interact with customers and colleagues, familiar with inside and outside presentations, recognize and solve problems
                     you.HaveMindset() && // Keen on continuous improvement of processes, open to unusual topics and approaches, passionate about innovation, hungry for more knowledge

    you.Enjoy("HQ_Blautal", "Inspiring Team", "Weißwurschtfrühstück", "Tabletop Soccer Championships", "Gym under the apple trees", "for more see benefits");

    if (hardSkills && softSkills && languages && you.Bock())
          We.LookForward ("2CU");