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The technologies we use

Knowing what is available is one thing. We draw from this pool of technological possibilities when developing our software solutions. Knowing what is coming is the other: For us, it is essential to keep a watchful eye on technological progress at all times. Because only by quickly understanding new technologies can we leverage their strengths and develop long-term solutions for a digitized world.



Web applications

  • ASP.NET Core​

  • Angular​

  • React​

  • Node.js

Cloud applications

  • Azure​

  • AWS​

  • Azure DevOps​

  • Docker​

  • Kubernetes​

  • .NET Core​

Mobile applications

  • Xamarin​

  • React Native​

  • Unity​

  • ARCore​

  • Android​​

  • iOS​

Desktop applications

  • .NET Core​

  • .NET Framework​

  • WPF​

  • Windows​

  • Linux​

Volker Rath
Volker Rath Executive Director +49 (0)7304 803 130

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