void Main()
    var you = PupilFinder.GetTrainee().First();
  	you.HaveGender ("Diverse", "Female", "Male");

    you.Learn ("C#", "Typescript", "Python");
    you.DevelopCool ("Websites", "Apps");
    you.Program ("Microcontroller");
    you.Learn ("Convincing appearance and presentation skills");
    you.StartWith ("Software Development basics")
        .Then ("Teamwork with your fellow trainees")
        .Then ("Teamwork on real customer projects")

    var hardSkills = you.HaveOneOf ("Mittlere Reife", "Abitur")
        && you.HaveGrades ("Mathe", "Englisch", "Informatik", "Deutsch" < 3)
        && you.KnowMaybe ("C#", "Other programming language");

    var languages = you.Speak("German", "English");

    var softSkills = you.AreTeamplayer () &&  // Like to solve problems together
                     you.AreCommunicator () && // Interact with customers and colleagues, familiar with inside and outside presentations
                     you.HaveMindset () && // Keen on new technologies, open to unusual topics and approaches, passionate about innovation, hungry for more knowledge
                     you.LoveToCode ();

    you.Enjoy ("HQ_Blautal", "Inspiring Team", "Tabletop Soccer Championships", "Gym under the apple trees", "for more see benefits");

    you.Get ("Individual coaching", "Fulltime instructor", "Up-to-date Hard- and Software", "Programming from day 1");

    if (hardSkills && softSkills && languages && you.HaveBock ())
        you.ApplyTo ("bewerbung@artiso.com");
        We.LookForward ("2CU");